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RBL350 Laser

Output Wavelength1064nmPolarizationlinear PolarizationSingle pulse energy≥350mJPump sourcepulsed xenon lampEnergy stability<±2.5%Cooling MethodGlycol MixtureStability Accuracy≤0.0001Output Modeinterna

Output Wavelength



linear Polarization

Single pulse energy


Pump source

pulsed xenon lamp

Energy stability


Cooling Method

Glycol Mixture

Stability Accuracy


Output Mode

internal and external triggering

Pulse width


Operating trmperature


Repetition Frequency


External dimension


Beam Diameter

7 mm



Full anger normal divergence


Working cycle

45s on,15s  off for 10 cycle

Full anger divergence after beam expanded


Simmer, charge of capacitors

In standby state to stop working

Beam Diameter after beam expanded


Warm up time