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Cutting-edge technologies: The application of infrared thermal camera in the field of security and defense

2017-08-25 09:29:29 Read

Visible light cameras don't have good performances at night or in bad weather, but infrared thermal camera can be operated under any weather and even at night. Omnibearing surveillance becomes easy with infrared thermal camera. Now let's take a look at the advantages of infrared thermal cameras!

1) It's anti-fog, can ensure the surveillance in day and night.

2) It's a good assistance in search&rescue tasks, searching the hostage and the escaped prisoners all day around(24 hrs). Because humans are strong thermal radiators, it is easy to locate them with the assistance of thermal cameras.

3) Ensure the safety of policemen. Thermal cameras don't emit light, just passively receive thermal radiation, thus the policemen are protected.

4) Avoid the light distractions from outside, so that the objects' movements can be observed more clearly.

5) Surroundings' surveillance: when an emergency happens, the first thing police do is to block the surroundings, and search for suspects. Thermal camera can make this job easier.

6) Vehicles distribute heat all the time. Helicoptors of the police can track the vehicles of the suspects from the sky, even when the lights of the vehicles are off. Vehicle-mounted thermal cameras can detect the vehicles which just flameouted, or track the vehicles which just escaped.

◆ 384×288 pixels uncooled FPA Micro bolometer

◆Small sized,  Can be applied to high speed ptz and shields.

◆ Athermalizing fixed focus lens,focal length isn't affected by environment temperature.

◆RS485 Control mode, PELCO-D/P built-in throughput agreement

◆Grey level alarm function, can adjust the level of alarm

◆Different kinds of lenses

Can be applied to housing estate, prison, port, park ,or road which needs to be watched day and night.