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Raybeam have gained widely attention in the 18th Dubai Intersec

2016-05-18 14:27:29 Read

The 18th booth of international security exhibition (INTERSEC) was held from  January 17, 2016 to 19th in the international exhibition center of Dubai. 


This year the INTERSEC’s scale hit a record high, becoming the world's largest security exhibition. This exhibition has four sections: business security, police and homeland security, health and personal protection, firefighting and rescue.  The four sections are orderly distributed in 10 zones, covering an exhibition area of 47,500 square meters.


The exhibition attracted 1235 exhibitors from 52 countries.  The united Arab emirates’ national exhibitors account for 18% of all exhibitors, the European exhibitors occupied 35%, the Asian exhibitors excluding the Middle Eastern ones occupied 30%,  American exhibitors occupied 8%, international exhibitors ratio is as high as 82%. Thus, Raybeam Optronics is one step ahead on the way of introducing itself to global customers. 


In the exhibition Raybeam exhibited infrared thermal imager, laser range finder, telescope, pod, communication equipment and optoelectronic components and other products, has caught extensive attention of customers from different industries of different countries.