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Optronic Engineers

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1、Optronic designing of the products: make drawings and pick out modules;
2、Assessment of suppliers, and introducing outsourcing technology and its conversion;
3、Solve technical problems, and estimate the costs and duration;
4、Make sample machines, attend tests at location and deal with the faults, make suggestions of improvements;
5、Finalize the products and systems, prepare production file, manual booklets and so on;
6、Follow up the use of the products to improve in the future. 

1、Majoring in Optronics or Electricity and Gas or Physics or Optics, have at least a Bachelor’s degree in related fields, passed the CET 4 or above English tests.
2、At least 2 years experience of designing electricity and gas products;
3、Have EMC related knowledge and experience, familiar with the design and development of ISO9001 system.
4、Capable of wiring and model selection of optronic products;
5、Have teamwork spirits, good commnunication skills.
6、Experience of repairing mobiles& cameras is preferable.

Working time: 8 hours each day and 5 days each week; Salary+Insurance+Bonus;
Add.: 10-D, Blessgo Industrial Park, Yanjiao High & New High Dev. Zone, East of Beijing
Contact Person: Mr. Xu
Tel.: 8610-8084 1572 186 3169 5665

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